Our Background

Tendea Family is an organization dedicated to improving the Black community in Baltimore City economically, mentally and physically. Tendea builds up the Black community economically by building businesses and hiring Black people at a live able wage. There are currently two businesses in Tendea, The Fruit Creamery and Tendea Clothing.


Tendea Clothing is founded on the belief that clothing is promotion. Clothing promotes ideas, principles, thoughts, traditions, political stances, etc. So while Tendea Clothing produces quality clothing for its customers, it also seeks to promote ideas, principles and thoughts that aim to empower, uplift and cause a shift in the mindset and behavior of Black people worldwide. Go to our SHOP tab to purchase Tendea Clothing today! 

The Fruit Creamery is a 100% vegan smoothie business. The Fruit Creamery creates an enjoyable way to eat fruits and vegetables while also effectively offering a healthier eating option to Baltimore City's residents. 

Tendea mentally empowers the Black community by placing focus on Black historical awareness. Tendea host weekly classes that teach Black people who they are and the issues that must be solved collectively today. In the future, Tendea plans to build Afrocentric schools that will give a quality education to students using a Afrocentric base and value system.

Tendea builds up the Black community physically by hosting weekly community workouts. In order to help Black people practice a healthy lifestyle physical excercise is strongly encouraged!

Tendea Family is a multifaceted social enterprise that will radically change  Baltimore City for the better. If you are Interested in joining or getting involved email : tendeafamily@gmail.com.