In 2015, following the unrest of the Freddie Gray uprising in Baltimore, Md. Tendea Family was conceptualized by our Founder, Chairman Elijah Miles. Fed up with the conditions of his city, Elijah gathered like-minded individuals dedicated to the uplift of Baltimore City and on the campus grounds of Morgan State University, Tendea Family was born. 

The mission of Tendea Family is to advance Baltimore’s Black community by operating transformative initiatives focused on identity, self improvement, community service and development. 

We’ve held over 150 community cleanups, given groceries to over 600 families during the pandemic and taught for over 700 hours about Black History. We host weekly community cleanups, Sisters' Dinners, Black History classes, and men's networking sessions. We have been a consistent force in Baltimore City. 



Chairman Elijah

My name is Elijah Miles, Chairman of Tendea Family. I was born and raised on Glover and Monument Street. I knew at a young age that our community didn’t have to be like this but we needed a group of people from this community willing to do all that it takes to make a change.

That is why Tendea Family was founded, to protect women, children and elders, to stop the violence, to save the youth, to shift the culture, to rebuild this commUNITY!



Tendea Family accepts donations via Paypal: TendeaFamily@gmail.com 
Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

Instagram: @TendeaFamily

Facebook: Tendea Family

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